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ive never played any final fantasy but i do have an strong appreciation for it as a medium for bringing sexy little goth men into existence

when will dilfs get into smokey eyeshadow huh. when will we get this

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Got invited to a show and actually came out, being around people is a little weird but so far I’m glad I did it :blobcat:

I was super excited to realize that Isaiah Mustafa is in it, I still remember him from the old spice commercials

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In Alien (1979) there were many closeup shots of Brett, the engine technician. But for the wide shots? Well, they used a Harry Dean Stand-in 💫

I could easily defeat a peanut butter of any size

just caught a $350 fine and 240 hours of community service for over-respecting women, but it was worth it

Metroid Dread 

I am stuck on the Krang fight, I should probably explore more but I wanna beat him

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October 8: Licorice and Pudding engage in the most ancient and sacred of cat traditions, "Hunting Something That Only Cats Can See"


Hm Metroid Dread is pretty fun. Just what I wanted out of it so far

My switch has like 3 exercise games on it but for some reason I can’t bring myself to play any of them

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I am cranky today and I think I need exercise, but I don’t want to go for a walk because the air quality is awful so instead I have chosen to pout

Apologies to the haters for being so handsome and cool

I wish the PS Vita had been a bigger deal in the states

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Butts: Everyone has one!