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You know
The power of love is a curious thing

taking a shit? nah, shitting a take
staying awake, night crew
dont sleep til its late

Sometimes I think God is punishing me for abusing all these substances and banging all these chicks but then I remember those things whip ass and also my whole life whips ass.

i'm Scary Gross, and this is Fetid Air.

[๐ŸŽบ jazz music, but wrong]


im here to have a gender and oppress gamers and im all out of gender

Just realized that everyone on here is a nerd. Wow

Why do I have so many things to worry about, it's October I just want to be horny in a cemetery

domming you into getting your life together, paying off your debts, and maybe patching up that relationship with your parents

I am a therapist and I prescribe all my patients a big ass kush blunt. the diagnosis? society.

Duck butts are the funniest fucking thing I swear ยฐ

So due to unforeseen circumstances I am currently hosting four baby pigeons in my bathroom for the next few hours

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Butts: Everyone has one!