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i love the retreating to twitter so much. literally saying "i would prefer to use an unmoderated, advertisement-ridden, nazi-infested hellhole of a website rather than address the fact that i or someone i'm friends with might have been racist"

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i forgot i took this pic of my dads dog yesterday who is high on drugs after pulling a muscle trying to chase after a raccoon when he is old, small, and fat (dog ec)

@snakeboy sad but true. I own a tool specifically for trimming the hair in my nose. I died soon after I obtained it

Haha racists are seriously leaving fedi for twitter?? Good, the honey pot is working

Good morning pocket friends I got a tip on a possible job last night and I am kind of excited

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1. i'm gay
2. good morning
3. acab
4. pee pee poo poo
5. some of y'all....

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a man: [admits to being shorter than 5'8"]
me, in a nearby duck blind, with tranq darts:

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Shankly is trying to ignore me yelling about nerds

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Me, as I'm making plans: I need to get out of this, immediately.

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If you think about it... We all have butts

Twitter is the worst instance, I’m so glad we all decided not to federate with it

@Louisa he will debate his way to the very peak of mastodon

Literally every day with this shit

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Butts: Everyone has one!