i once played a capitalism-themed cookie clicker and i kept waiting for it to make a statement against capitalism but it just kept on celebrating it instead

Lynch made SURE you knew his characters were pooping themselves

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disappointing that the discourse is gonna become "should we take guns out of movies" and not "is it wrong to hire untrained scab labor and make people work 14 hour days with no pay until they're tired and reckless"

🎂 not giving out the PII of my birthday so...my birthday is some time between today and the 29th so you've gotta be nice to me that whole time sorry :toot:

Ender's Game but they win the presidency by Siddoning the president and a sufficient number of other high ranking officials

good morning it's da fuckigng weekend

All cats are crypto and they increase in value as you feed them and tell them they are pretty and soft

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I only had to block a couple chuds it wasn’t that bad :groundhog:

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Seriously tho. Why can’t I smoke bowls with an electric lighter? I don’t know how electricity works but please someone figure it out

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I can't believe I still use a gas lighter. 20th century technology. Pathetic.

hate when i'm pre-skanking to secure skanker's advantage but my opponent decides to skank-cancel so i'm left out there skanking in the middle of nowhere

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Butts: Everyone has one!