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Capitalism is a system that steals your labor and your money then makes you feel bad for not having money.

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sometimes posting feels completely pointless and other times one of my toots will travel far and some white dude on a tech-focused instance will @ me like “wow i didn’t know gay people also use toothbrushes, your post inspired me to get one for my gay child who’s been asking for one for years”

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Regarding my toot from two days ago:

Masto has been sharing my thread of Black LGBTQ+ owned organizations and that’s great!

But I see not a one person talking about how SIX (6!!) Black Trans Women have been killed in a week’s span of time.

Y’all need to be paying attention and DO BETTER

Bree Black
Shaki Peters
Draya McCarty
Brayla Stone
Merci Mack
Tatiana Hall

Rest in power, ladies.

This has to stop.

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*interrupting my CS professor* you know what else has a backdoor lol

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Y'know Im actually pretty salty about my last job rejection: I didnt get hired b/c they were looking for someone with a "wider variety of experiences that we can draw on to make some difficult technical decisions in a short timeframe."

And im like, this is such horseshit on a plethora of levels

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@Moss @benaiah I agree with Carin

@dankwraith ohh wait now that I think about it, that might have worked on me, there was dude talking to Terry Gross a few weeks ago about the benefits of meditation and it totally got me to practice it 😂

@dankwraith what i mean is, why would atheists reject meditation in the first place? I didn't really associate that kind of practice with any sort of god...

@dankwraith wait why would meditation need to be repackaged for atheists?


@benaiah reminds me of my first visit to an Amsterdam coffee shop 😂

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Wow Trump was right, I *am* tired of all this winning

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ughhhhh. OregonLive posted the demographic breakdown of all the cops in the city/county/state and I supremely do not care. We don't need more Black cops or women cops, just like we dont need more women or Black billionaires. We need LESS OF THOSE THINGS OVERALL and more equality. Why is this such a hard concept to grasp?!?

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@flowerenby you know they'll just be taunting you the entire time you're grilling them, too

last time I online dated there was no such thing as a "phone app" lol

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i finally used a dating app for the first time ever, it's uhhhhh something

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i had forgotten that in the video of baby got back, sir mix-a-lot stands on a giant ass sculpture

and they have a little plastic ass on the record being spun

then at the end of the video, sir mix-a-lot humps the giant ass sculpture

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getting jumped by some functional programmers and one of them yells 'fold their ass like a list'

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