Y'know, I do work an office job but I work alongside blue-collar factory workers and I gotta say

The American Left has fucking FAILED the American worker

@Juju I just got a Dutch oven so I am trying out a new stew, it’s a Spanish chickpea thing

@Juju pretty good! I’m frequently an early riser myself. It’s close to my bedtime but I am still cooking so I’ll be up for another hour or so 😅

@Juju hey Julia hows it going, what time is it there, like 6h?

selfie ec boosts +++ 

hi hello it’s ur fave office enby checkin in: i’m still cute as fuck 🌟 (ec)

@dankwraith sounds like pretty bad service, the staff can be so disappointing sometimes

#Haiti marks beginning of 7th week of recent cycle of national protests to topple repressive US/Trump-backed govt of #PHTK/@moisejovenel. Protest leaders claim press is underreporting killing, wounded, arrests & disappeared by brutal corrupt police & foreign mercenaries.

*my phone, trying desperately to autocorrect my shitposting*
Please... You don't have to do this

reddit homophobe 

Radicalizing gamers by telling them that without capitalism they can have all the skins and shit be accessible for everyone with the base game

Victor Talking Machine Company of Japan advertisement, late 1920s/early 1930s. Art by Kashō Takabatake.

gamers: games should never be political.

also gamers: so here's this RPG were unsustainable energy harvesting is protected by wealthy elite and is killing the planet. and also your party consists largely of a bunch of eco terrorists. and it's an absolute classic and pinnacle of the medium

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Butts: Everyone has one!