selfie, eye contact, it's monday folks 

oh hey it's and my hair is absurd looking, check me out

selfie, eye contact 

My beard is getting long and it’s only gonna get weirder from here

selfie, eye contact, it’s Monday 

It’s and and this photo summarizes my whole thing pretty well

it’s Monday, who wants to see me with my shirt off 

It’s check me out

selfie, eye contact 

First Monday of 2020 and I’m killing it

selfie, eye contact 

Shoulder cat selfie featuring Pasha for

it’s Monday! selfie, eye contact 

Mani/pedis fuck yeah

If you ever see the tag and wonder if it’s for you, or if you should participate, well: It is, and you should

Masc Monday selfie, implied eye contact 

Took this for Jen but since it’s you all get see it too, lucky you!

it’s Monday folks, selfie eye contact 

Just came from lifting and boy is :myass: tired 😓🍑

selfie, eye contact 

Hey it’s my face, enjoy!

selfie, eye contact 

Here’s my face! Can’t wait to get my hair and beard trimmed tomorrow, I am scruffy.

It’s and I’m getting my my hair cut tomorrow so I look super scruffy today 😓

selfie, eye contact, it’s Monday folks 

Howdy it’s and I wish I had a full length mirror but at least I still have a face and a phone

selfie, eye contact 

It’s and I need a hair cut 😁

masc monday selfie, eye contact 

Okay I need to post something for I guess this will do 😅

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