rude food, not lewd 

Stopped at voodoo doughnut while I was out on a walk. The cock and balls are pretty big today

selfie, eye contact 

First selfie of the year featuring Pasha

selfie, eye contact, it's monday folks 

oh hey it's and my hair is absurd looking, check me out

selfie, eye contact 

I keep finding problem areas in my self-trimmed beard but I think I am getting them mostly smoothed out

ooh a teeny tiny basil sprout is growing from the food container on my window sill 😊

selfie, eye contact 

I trimmed my beard a little, it was getting pretty wacky

I’ve finished building and painting my two latest , that was fun. I am gonna have to find some kids that I can give these to lol

Woo I’m finished with my classic Gundam, I did all the painting by hand and didn’t use any decals and I am very proud of myself

selfie, eye contact 

My beard is getting long and it’s only gonna get weirder from here

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