@Juju hey Julia hows it going, what time is it there, like 6h?

@zenhob 7 but I've been awake since 5 so let's say you're right :D
I have tea and I think my yarn is arriving today so all in all pretty good so far. How about yourself?


@Juju pretty good! I’m frequently an early riser myself. It’s close to my bedtime but I am still cooking so I’ll be up for another hour or so 😅

@zenhob I usually wake up at 5 and then don't move for at leat an hour :D Getting out of bed is so hard 😭
What are you cooking?

@Juju I just got a Dutch oven so I am trying out a new stew, it’s a Spanish chickpea thing

@zenhob Ooooooh, that looks good and congrats on the new kitchen equipment. That always gets me way too excited xD

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