Americans With Disabilities Act 

It’s cruel and fucked up that in order to be protected by the ADA at work, I need to carefully jump through tons of legal hoops and work with healthcare providers with the specific licenses that are legally required.

The irony is that in order to get accommodation for a cognitive disability, I need to expend a lot of cognitive load *that is hard for me by dint of my condition.*

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Americans With Disabilities Act 

And because , I can pay a lawyer to do it for me or do it myself. If you have money, it’s easier. As with all things in this god forsaken country.

Americans With Disabilities Act 

What’s REALLY fucked up is *i do okay.* I make stupid tech money, and paying a lawyer to deal with this for me is still more than I can afford.

Imagine how thoroughly screwed someone without that financial and career privilege would be.

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