Covid-19, bad therapists 

Today a therapist tried to convince me that it’s fine to have friends over for a hug because as long as we wear a sweatshirt while we hug, which is then removed, we will be safe from transmitting infection.

...BS like this is why I’ve spent so little of my life in therapy despite having a seriously legit trauma history 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

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Devs: “We are going to create a new and better init program. We’ll call it systemd.”

French people: …

PDX mutual aid resources, birdsite, Coronavirus 

I’ve been on the birdsite more today since it’s proving to be a shockingly effective way of connecting with Real Humans during the time of “social distancing”.

Please feel free to reboost, here’s a thread of resources for folks who need support with school closures and other economic hardships in PDX

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"Aggressive Social-Distancing-Measures" or as we introverts call it: everyday life.

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covid-19 semi shitpost (the news is real) 

BREAKING: The World Health Organization has announced that dogs cannot contract Covid-19. Dogs previously held in quarantine can now be released. To be clear, WHO let the dogs out.

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Trans folks, how does drag make you feel?

If you aren't trans, maybe give us a boost? :)

#poll #trans #gender #transgender

reference to quarantine, birdsite 

I should regard this as an exercise in being more comfortable with my own thoughts and my own company. I want to take this opportunity to mediate more.

(I also get an excuse to video game more so that’s dope)

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reference to quarantine, birdsite 

Lord help me, I reinstalled the phone client for the bird site. It truly is painfully lonely to be limiting my public movements, and I’m struggling without the social stimulation.

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everyone fucking SUCKS at programming. holy fucking hell you people are fucking terrible at this shit.

I’m cleaning off a bookcase and came across a notebook from my first tech job! Almost all of my team were from India and worked in the office with me, and I learned a bit of Hindi. It seems I was always very cynical about work, even then. 😂

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Black out day, selfies, eye contact 

Five years ago today the first #BlackOutDay happened over on Tumblr. It was wonderful getting inundated in images of black folks and taking a break from images of whiteness. Being as surrounded by whiteness as I generally am out was definitely something I needed to see at the time.

Here's an assortment of images of me from the past year for this and happy #FineFemmeFriday to everybody.

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app idea: lie facedown on the floor. throw your phone in the lake

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In just 3 hours, Nate Woods is going to be executed for a crime he did not commit. Please contact Kay Ivey, the Governor of Alabama, and her colleagues, and them to grant a reprieve for Nate Woods.

I hate Makefiles so much. So so much.

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uspol, disappointment, sexism duh. 

"As our first graph shows, Warren’s support was concentrated among those who reject sexist sentiments. To be clear, this does not show that voters who did not support Warren are necessarily sexist … Instead, what this shows is that Warren received little-to-no support from the roughly one third of the Democratic primary electorate that does not reject these sentiments."

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IF Warren is no longer in the primary come May, I’ll probably vote Bernie in the primary.

WHICH BY THE WAY she hasn’t dropped out yet. Can y’all Bernie folk chill out with the self righteous “you should support Bernie” now BS?

Stop acting like people owe Bernie support. That’s not how you win elections.

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I'm literally someone whose life has been made better by drugs produced by private labs. I still think we ought to nationalize that shit and bring those workplaces under the control of the workers.

I don't think it's the profit motive that invents amazing drugs. It's the human drive to make life better. It's the passion and curiosity of research scientists. The idea that they would stop doing that work just because a boss was no longer around to siphon off the profits they made possible is ridiculous.

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