besties selfie, eye contact 

Besties hangout finally!! It’s been ages (feat @ElectricMagnetic)

Well ok I'm regretting not wearing my chest-strap GoPro for my current project- would have made a pretty dope fast-forward video. With dance breaks of course.

Blowing through my Trello list, inhaled that flight of beer, rediscovered my old party playlist from college, bag full of bolts from Home Depot and spray painting my current badass project. Feeling pretty fucking baller right now

our meme generation neural network student is getting towards the end of his masters thesis and the results are absolutely a riot

Worked from home and my dog was snoring so loud next to me I kept having to tell people, no, I wasn't the a**hole with my phone continuously buzzing.

^^ editing this as I made the assumption that everyone thinks dog snores are the best. But if that's not so, then it wouldn't be obvious I wasn't complaining ;-)

Butts: Everyone has one!